​The Elongated Skulls Of Peru

One of the greatest opportunities and honors I have been given was an invitation to join the "Watchers Expedition" led by LA Marzulli and Richard Shaw to South America as we investigated the Elongated Skulls that are found all over this region.

Our main focus was the alleged 2 month old infant skull that was still wrapped in the original mummy material and untouched for almost 2000 years.

My job, other than the "Ufologist" on the team was to secure the evidence needed as we test the theories that LA and Richard have suspected for decades. Is there evidence that some of the "elongated Skull Culture" from Paracas were actually born with this shaped skull and why? Another question considered was; what would make a successful, flourishing, and sophisticated society decide to deform their heads? Is this emulation of someone or something they have seen as powerful or god-like? Is there evidence of a hybrid race that has been on the earth before as the Nephilim are noted in the most reliable of texts and ancient writings? During what is known as the first scientific examination of the Skulls, I collected almost 100 forensic samples for future testing. 

While at Sr. Juan Navarro's "Paracas History Museum, we first became familiar with the skulls on display as Sr. Juan gave an extraordinary back story on each one. The skull of interest was on display but still in the "bundle" and condition it was found. The skull was found in the Chongos Necropolis.

Unwrapping the baby was painstakingly slow as every attention to detail was observed. Joe Taylor, Aaron Judkins and I stayed focused as each layer was removed, cataloged and photographed. It was the better part of an entire day before we reached an inner level of material that still showed brilliant color and detail in the textile work and cloth that was used to bury this baby. We knew immediately that this was great news because if the burial material was still so well preserved, our chances at collecting DNA and forensic samples without the normal external contamination was high. Every precaution was taken as we continued to unveil this amazing baby mummy.

As we broke through the inner layers, we had finally reached the skull. The first sign of this was red hair. Truly, red hair. Immediately samples were taken, packaged, protected, cataloged and listed on a chain of custody form. Once our samples were done, it was now time to fully examine the skull and as we cleaned it up from the debris and brought the baby in a natural light, it was clear, the hair was more strawberry blonde. 

An expert forensic dentist was called in as we suspected the baby may be older than 2 months old and this is the case. The Dental age is 15-22 months old.

Some of samples taken in Paracas that were legally transportable to the United States were submitted for analysis by LA Marzulli and Richard Shaw. I was confident the samples were properly taken, secured, packaged and transported but it's always validation when a Lab finds them also in a proper and "testable" condition as these were found. 

There is NEW and BREAKING information coming soon about this investigation and this will be found through;

"Watchers 10"

Coming in July!!!

I can only thank LA and Richard for an amazing experience as I joined them both "On The Trail"! There will be more to learn from the Elongated Skulls and as they both continue to lead, I suspect they are both are best chance to the TRUTH!

The Mexican Cave Artifact

This small piece is part of a larger investigation that is pending.

Details Coming Soon....

Effigy Carving of an Elongated head; Paracas, Peru.

The Star Child Skull...


As I accepted the invitation to re-examine the Star Child Skull, I knew the biggest challenges would not be with the technologies available to us today and a scientific process that offers no short cuts, but instead the massive amount of information already on the internet. As I then brought this case to Kerry, we discussed a couple of important questions; can our study, examinations and testing of this skull meet a burden of proof and settle any remaining controversy? Can our testing be “Peer Reviewed” and meet a scientific certainty?

Our first goal in the investigation plan was to employ only the following:

  • Professionals that would put their name on the work.
  • The credentials of individuals must exceed the “normal” standards in their specialty.
  • All Laboratories must be certified and all tools used in the process must meet industry levels of excellence.
  • All information and testing conclusions that are found in this process would NOT be censored, altered or dismissed.         

We immediately decided to archive ALL previous claims as we began this NEW investigation. Kerry and I will NOT rely on previous claims or other Researcher's work or intellectual properties. We will start from scratch!

However, part of the scientific process is to determine what is already known about the skull and this has been an arduous task from the start. What is known, tested, vetted and provable? There are a lot of proclamations on the Star Child Skull from many sources on "both sides of the fence". Without access to the research, field notes, full disclosure of all testing and results, along with the Testing facility reports that can be verified and those that performed the analysis behind the claims, there is little that meets any level of admissibility or provenience.

This is not a criticism as much as it is a fact in the modern world of the proper disclosure of any investigation that includes extraordinary claims.  The public should not be expected to trust any conclusions or tests that are claimed by anyone, solely because “they say this is what was found”.  The public and scientific community must have full access to the reports and the professionals behind the study or tests for vetting purposes and if they desire to read the evidence of such claims, can make their conclusions based on all the material that was considered for each conclusion or proclamation.


We accept the challenges that we face and continue to breach the doors that were once considered closed.

Kerry and I have joined forces as we launch a special platform to reveal our progress on all investigations that are currently engaged and active as we join a global effort to solve some the World's biggest mysteries! This new site is;


This will be where all of the details will be launched and available on new and breaking information. We also thought we would try to add a few interesting side bars of information on things that go on in the background when field work is in play! I hope you enjoy this new site!

Chase Kloetzke

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