Chase Kloetzke

UFO Research

You can listen to Fate Magazine Radio with host, Vance Pollock, at the new day and time by visiting

From 2014 through 2016, I was offered the distinct privilege of Hosting Fate Magazine Radio.

In January of 2017, I turned the broadcasting Mic over to a dedicated friend and colleague, Vance Pollock. Fate Radio continues to thrive and can always be heard on KGRA db, live with the additional bonus of free archives. I am a huge fan of Fate Magazine as I recognize the tremendous influence the "true reports of the strange and unknown" has generated for decades! I wish to thank Phyllis Gaulde, Editor and Chief of Fate Magazine, Vance Pollock the new and amazing host of Fate Mag Radio and Race Hobbs for the countless hours and time he provided as what can only be described as the best production in the digital broadcasting. 


“Encounters” is a special broadcast program on the KGRA-db hosted by a panel of expert researchers, investigators, authors and talk show specialists.

"The 9" take on the biggest trending stories ranging from conspiracies to UFOs.

 Hosts by Chase Kloetzke, she combines the commentary and reactions from the "The 9" to offer a rounded and knowledgeable discussion with field favorites; 

Richard Dolan, David Marler, Micah Hanks, Lee Speigel, Jill Hanson, Marc D'Antonio, John Burroughs, and Race Hobbs. Together, they bring their combined experience and scientific integrity to the round table to uncover the truths behind the most trending topics and extraordinary news reports today. With their rock ‘n’ roll pace and audacious sentiment, "The Nine" bring you original, in-depth, special content you'll want to talk about.

Encounters is featured ONLY on the station dominating the digital Broadcasting world...The Global Radio Alliance!